501 Original Social Media Captions eBook

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501 Original Social Media Captions eBook

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Struggling to write a caption for your social post? We’ve been there, too! 

When posting to social media, trying to come up with the (right) caption can be super difficult. It can also be tough to find great inspiration and original quotes or captions that haven’t been used a million times. 

That’s why we went ahead and wrote our own epic eBook of 501 Original Social Media Captions. No quotes from movies, books, poems - you name it. 

This eBook - created by a professional creative writer who also got tired of browsing Pinterest for overused quotes - gives you hundreds of original captions that you can use on your very next social post. You can copy them as is – or feel free to draw inspiration to create your own. The choice is yours!

What you'll get:

· A 53-page eBook packed full of original caption ideas to fit all different occasions and photos

· 4 easy-to-navigate master sections: Quotes by Themes, Moods, People, and Events

· Dozens of sub-sections in each master section to find and choose meaningful captions quickly

· Special focus topics such as: Love/Relationships, Posts with Best Friends, Selfies, Captions for Boys and Girls, Travel, and much more!

Please note that this is an eBook which means you will receive a pdf file that you can read on your computer/phone and/or print out if you wish. You will not receive a physical book.

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on individual eBook purchases. 

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